• King's Choice Yan Zhan (Sugar) 3btls Free Slow Cooker

    King's Choice Yan Zhan (Sugar) 3btls Free Slow Cooker

King's Choice Yan Zhan (Sugar) 3btls Free Slow Cooker

Retail Price: S$540.00 (-8%)
Online Price: S$499.00

Lo Hong Ka King’s Choice Yan Zhan Concentrate Bird’s Nest produced from each complete half-cup shaped of Imperial Bird's Nest, is the first nest of swiftlets, appearing white and bright with clearly-visble compact structure.


Frequent consumption by women can effectively enhance skin color and texture, reduce pigmentation and delay aging, due to the promotion of cellular division, regeneration and reconstruction of tissue as well as inhibit loss of collagen.


An added benefit for expectant-mothers, consumption enhances the immunity of the both fetus and mother and speeds up convalescence after delivery.


Suitable for all ages, consumption enhances the immune system, reinforces energy, resilience to illnesses, efffective in relieving cough and phlegm and invigorates the lungs, stomach and spleen.


All Natural Food, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Bleach, No Coloring. Suitable for all ages.

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