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Longan Honey 330g Buy 2 Bottles

$19.00 $16.00


Longan Honey 330g Buy 2 Bottles

$19.00 $16.00

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Longan Honey is sweet aliment produced by honey bees which derived from the nectar of longan tree flowers. Longan Honey produced in spring contains a wide range of fructose, flucose, vitamin complex and minerals.

It is a berverage with delightful taste which supplies more nutrients for general health. Its taste is smoothly sweet with the light aroma of organic longans. The clean production process retains the value of qualified honey. It can be used as a mixture to add flavor to all kinds of beverages. It also enhances the taste and scent of sweets and every menu of your dishes. It is the right stuff for everyone at every age in the family.

Benefits of Longan Honey

  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves appetite
  • Enhance digestion and absorption
  • Rejuvenating immune system
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